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Different kinds of granite stone types are the most common stone types in Finland's ground. Because of its beauty granite is traditionally used as constructive and monument material.

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Sorvikivi Oy uses granite in its products. Stones are mainly divided to granites and marbles. Other stone used are limestone, sandstone, travertine, slate, soapstone and alabaster. Limestone, which is used as structural stone, is usually named marble.

All magma stones are commonly called granite. Granite is born in slowly cooling magma nests underground. Colours and quantity of feldspar's dark minerals depends whether the granite is black, red, green or grey. For example gabro, diorite and diabase are usually called black granites.

Sorvikivi can make products completely according the customer's request.

We use generally these stone types:

Ruskiavuoren pallograniitti is a rarity from our own quarry.

Ruskiavuoren pallograniitti

The black granite we use comes from Ilomantsi and is Kodia Black stone type. We also use black diabase from Varpaisjärvi.


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